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Extended Support

This is for pet owners that are not comfortable with switching to a raw food diet and need extended support beyond what my book offer. You can get everything from my book, I'm not holding anything back. But if you need me to 'talk you through this then this is for you.


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The consulting package includes my personal assistance with switching your dog to an all raw food diet plus my detox package that includes these products: (will ship these)

Detox pack

  • Essiac Tea
  • Apricot Kernels
  • MSM
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Phone support (with me)

These are products approved my me. They are all originally made in the US and of the highest quality. I spent years locating the best sources since I would never give my pets anything that can hurt them. I have tested these on my pets for 6 months or more.

I have more information on this on my website