How To Start a Dog or Cat at Any Age On A Raw Food Diet. SKU: LLP-DB

New Edition! (Released April 2022)

Take the fear and confusion out of raw feeding!

Start your dog or cat on a raw food diet today and learn how you can extend the life of your pet and significantly lower the risk of cancer.*

A guide for beginners to start your dog or cat on a simple raw food diet that will promote a long healthy life and reduce the risk of your pet getting cancer. It's a step-by-step guide that will show you how easy switching to raw should be. It will remove any fear you have by switching from kibble to raw at any age or starting a puppy on a raw food diet.  This is an eBook in PDF format. It is not a physical book. You're never alone! Continued support is included with your purchase.

This book is based on my 30-year research project into raw feeding. I'm 21 years into this study and the data and feedback from these years (over 6000 dogs and 1000 cats) are the foundations for my recommendations.  


  • Continued support (detail in the book)
  • Cancer prevention protocol (will be emailed within 24 hrs)


Thomas Sandberg CSAN, CCN, AADP
Board Certified Animal Naturopath by the American Council of Naturopathy. 
Founder of Long Living Pets Research Projects (2000-2030)
World's Largest Study into Raw Feeding of Dogs and Cats. 

Founder and President of Long Living Pets Research Foundation 
A foundation dedicated to promoting and educating pet owners about natural health care for animals  

Join the movement and help more pets live longer, healthier lives!




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Dear fellow animal lover.

This book is for anyone who is sitting on the fence and wanting to switch their dog or cat to a raw food diet yet are unsure how to do it. Maybe there is an element of fear or perhaps you are confused by the conflicting information online and in other books. Everything I describe in this book has been en tested on my own pets, and thousands of others, over the last 21 years.

This is a beginner’s guide to raw feeding that will provide you with all the information you need to get started. If you already feed raw and are comfortable with what you are doing you do not need this book. 


There is also a bonus guide where I share how thousands of pets in my study have drastically reduced the risk of their pets getting cancer. Today, close to 60-70% of pets get cancer. This is totally unacceptable to me. I have studied everything related to cancer in pets and I will share a simple effective protocol that anyone can afford. The rate of cancer incidents seen in dogs participating in my study is less than 5%. That's too good to be true for most. I just report the numbers I see so far in my study. When I have 10K lifetime cases of dogs and 5K lifetime cases of cats I will publish a full report. Until then I will share trends that I observe from the study. This is one of them.