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3 Months Consulting

Extended Support

This is for pet owners that are not comfortable with switching to a raw food diet and need extended support beyond what my book offer. You can get everything from my book, I'm not holding anything back. But if you need me to 'talk you through this then this is for you.


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Learn How to Add Years to Your Pet's Life and Dramatically Reduce the Risk of Your Pet Getting Cancer.

New Edition! (Released 1-5-2019)

Take the fear out of raw feeding! Start your dog or cat on a raw food diet today and learn how you can extend the life of your pet and lower the risk of cancer.

A guide for beginners to start your dog or cat on a simple raw food diet that will promote a long healthy life and dramatically reduce the risk of your pet getting cancer.  This is an eBook in a PDF format. It is not a physical book. Continued support is included with your purchase.

This book is based on my 30-year research project into raw feeding. I'm 20 years into this study and the data and feedback from these years are the foundations for my recommendations.  


  • Continues support (detail in the book)
  • Cancer prevention protocol (will be emailed within 24 hrs)

Thomas Sandberg CSAN, CCN, AADP
Board Certified Animal Naturopath by the American Council of Naturopathy. 
Founder of Long Living Pets Research Projects (2000-2030)
World's Largest Study into Raw Feeding of Dogs and Cats. 

Founder and President of Long Living Pets Research Foundation 
A foundation dedicated to promote and educate pet owners about natural health care for animals  

Join the movement and help more pets live longer healthier lives!




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